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Sustainable Investing

The recent announcement at the G20 summit in Japan that both China and the United States will ratify the Paris climate change (COP21) agreement is an indication that perhaps, finally, the world’s superpowers are taking this issue seriously. Closer to home, many of us...

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Investing After the EU Referendum

The result of the EU referendum in June was clearly not priced into investment markets. As a result, there has been some significant volatility across all major asset classes as investors assimilate the likely impacts of Brexit and valuations adjust to the new...

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LISA: a New Kid on the Block

George Osborne’s new Lifetime ISA (LISA) has been hailed as a major boost to the saving prospects of the young and self-employed, so how will it work (and is there a catch?!) The LISA is set to launch in April 2017 and will be available to the under 40’s only....

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Planning for Later Life

Statistically one in four people will need care in a care setting at some point in the future, but the opinion of many regarding planning for care is to bury their heads in the sand until the need, often urgent, actually arises.  As an ageing population we need to...

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