Estate Planning & Advice in Later Life

If you’re fortunate enough to be enjoying a prosperous retirement then you’ll also want to make sure that you are able to maintain your lifestyle and remain ‘comfortable’ as you get older.

In a low interest rate environment, and with inflation an ever-present threat to the purchasing power of your income, it is essential to ensure that your financial assets are positioned to maximise your investment return, both today and into the future.

You may also be concerned about the impact that any potential long-term care costs might have on your hard-earned wealth. Or, you may be wondering how you could pass on your assets to future generations, without paying too much tax, and still make sure that you never run short of income yourself?

Pilot can help you answer these questions, and more. We are experts in pension and estate planning and, perhaps just as importantly, we can provide a friendly, sensitive and genuinely independent perspective on what can be some very difficult later-life financial decisions.

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